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Disney Announces Major Changes to the DAS System

Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort have announced the launch of an updated Disability Access Service (DAS) this spring. The new service, designed to accommodate guests with developmental disabilities such as autism or similar conditions, will be implemented on May 20 at Walt Disney World and on June 18 at Disneyland Resort.

One notable change is the extension of the DAS validity period. Until the official launch, DAS passes will be valid for up to 30 days. After the launch, the pass will be valid for the length of the ticket or up to 120 days, providing guests with a longer window of accessibility.

The updated DAS also introduces changes to party size restrictions. The party size attached to a DAS will be limited to four individuals and is restricted to immediate family members, including spouses, parents, and children. However, Disney has stated that they will accommodate more than four in a party if there are additional minors.

To streamline the process, both resorts recommend pre-planning virtually. Disneyland Resort will offer a virtual video chat for guests to discuss their needs ahead of time, while still maintaining an in-person option at the ticket booth windows on the esplanade. Walt Disney World will also provide virtual consultation on the same day, with in-person registration no longer available starting May 20.

Guests will continue to have the ability to make ride selections through the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps, ensuring a seamless experience.

The update comes as DAS usage has reportedly tripled over the past five years, making the system increasingly complex to manage. A Walt Disney World spokesperson emphasized the company’s commitment to providing a great experience for all guests, including those with disabilities, stating, “Disney is dedicated to providing a wide range of innovative support services aimed at helping our Guests with disabilities have a wonderful time when visiting our theme parks.”

In addition to the updated DAS, Disney has announced plans to introduce a defined “return-to-queue” service in the coming months for guests who may need to leave a queue to use the restroom.