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How to Maximise DAS at Walt Disney World

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Visiting Disney with a disability does come with a few perks, one of them being that you can utilize DAS. For those that aren’t in the know or haven’t visited Walt Disney World before DAS, or Disability Access Service, is an offering that is available to guests with disabilities and their parties.

Disney says that DAS “is designed to accommodate guests who aren’t able to wait in a conventional queue environment due to a disability (including non-apparent disabilities).” This is accomplished by allowing guests to go to the entrance of an attraction, speak to a Cast Member who will produce an iPhone or iPad, and get a return time using your MagicBand or admission media. The guest and their party will be given a wait time similar to the current posted wait time (usually 10-15 minutes shorter than the posted time to account for travel time). Sometimes if you ask nicely, however, and if the wait is minimal, Cast Members will let you through the FastPass+ entrance immediately.

Once guests have experienced the attraction, they can go to the entrance of another attraction and repeat the process.

Guests can, if they choose, experience another attraction during their waiting period, effectively allowing them to be in two lines at once. Guests could also use the time period to eat, shop, or see a show. The best part is that, unlike FastPass+, you don’t have to return to the attraction within a set window, you can arrive at anytime after your allotted wait is complete.

Guests may not have more than one DAS reservation at time.

Do you have any tips for making the most of DAS?

Note: Disability at Disney does not recommend or condone guests with or without a disability attempting to “game” the DAS system or to attempt to qualify for DAS if they do not have a disability.

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