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EPCOT’s World Celebration Gardens Featuring New Walt Disney Statue to Debut December 5th

In a tribute to its founder, Walt Disney, EPCOT is set to unveil a new statue titled “Walt the Dreamer” on December 5th, coinciding with Disney’s birthday. This unveiling marks the opening of the World Celebration neighborhood at EPCOT, a part of Walt Disney World Resort.

The statue depicts Walt Disney later in his life, during the period he conceptualized the Florida Project and the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT). This artwork captures him in a moment of reflection, appreciating the fruition of his ambitious vision.

Located at Dreamers Point, the statue invites visitors to share Walt Disney’s perspective, looking out over the World Celebration Gardens. This spot not only honors Disney’s legacy but also serves as a symbol of optimism and the magic of possibilities.

The World Celebration Gardens, featuring the new statue, offers guests a serene environment to relax and connect with nature, EPCOT’s innovative design, and each other. Dreamers Point and the surrounding gardens are designed to integrate seamlessly with EPCOT’s architectural heritage, enhanced with modern lighting and diverse natural elements.

This initiative at EPCOT reflects a commitment by Disney to celebrating the visionaries of the past and the limitless potential of the future. Dreamers Point, named in honor of Walt Disney and the spirit of all who visit EPCOT, stands as a reminder of the power of imagination and the endless possibilities it holds.