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Tips for Getting in the Front Row for Indoor Shows

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As a visually impaired Disney goer, I know how important it is to get up close to the action, so today I wanted to share a few tips about getting where you can best see. Note that social distancing has changed the game in terms of maneuvering the parks.

  1. Stand as close as possible to the doors of the theater keeping in mind where seating is inside. For example, at The Hall of Presidents, you should try and get as close to the theater entrance doors on the right as possible because the seating in the theater is to your right.
  2. Book it! Once the doors have happened move with purpose, don’t be afraid to politely but quickly move around a slower-moving family, it could be the difference between getting a seat where you can see and being left out in the cold.
  3. Talk to a Cast Member. I highly recommend speaking to a Cast Member upon arriving at the show’s venue, they’ll be happy to direct you where best to stand, this is especially critical during COVID-19 when Cast Members give each party a dot to stand on before entering a show and you can’t just wiggle your way up front.

I hope those tips were helpful! If you have any tips of your own regarding stage show seating, leave them in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.