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FIRST LOOK: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the Newly Expanded France Pavilion

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Earlier this month, I had the awesome opportunity to experience EPCOT’s newest attraction, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, at a Disney media event. We’ll be doing a full podcast review on Magic Time by Monorail News in an upcoming episode, but I wanted to share two awesome interviews from the event along with some general thoughts.

First, the new France Pavillion is perfect and totally meshes with the rest of World Showcase in a way that I didn’t expect. I went in thinking it’d be really cartoony and not at all like the original Pavillion; it turns out that my fears were misplaced, the new Remy “area” totally fits both EPCOT and the world of the film. The Remy accents don’t totally beat you over the head like I was expecting, in fact with the exception of the fountain in front of the attraction, I don’t think the average guest will pick up on many of them. The land is also filled with details from the movie, including Colette’s motorcycle and a wine and cheese shop opened by Ego. The most fanciful thing I picked up on was a drainpipe that seemed to be playfully winding its way across one of the facades.

The ride itself is a gem that is perfect for the whole family, even the littlest ones. I went in expecting a screen-based “black box” attraction having not ridden the ride in Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris, France. I was pleasantly surprised by all the physical props and details. There’s one big one that I didn’t notice until BigFatPanda (great content, by the way. Check him out) pointed it out to me. There’s a certain scene in which you’re hiding under a rolling table that’s being wheeled into the dining room, and if you look around the room, you’ll see not only the curtain from the tray above you but also the wheels on either side! It’s such a lovely little detail that really makes the ride special and worth riding again and again.

The screens are integrated really well in a way that doesn’t translate well in POV YouTube videos. I was expecting to have my immersion destroyed by the black floors in between the vehicle and the screen but was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t even notice them at all. They just melted away and I was fully immersed in Remy’s world. I think the 3D effects really help with that, giving each scene depth and a sense of animated realism.

Finally, I want to post two videos that our sister site, MonorailNews.com, put out featuring an interview with one of the talented Imagineers who worked on the attraction and another showing off all the amazing merchandise that will debut with the ride on October 1st.

Behind the Ride with an Imagineer
Merchandise Preview
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