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Your Guide to Booking DAS Return Times on the Disney World App

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Today is not only the launch of Disney Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lane but it’s also the launch of Disney’s updated Disability Access Service, as we mentioned in this earlier article. One of the improvements Disney has made is that users can now get return times through the My Disney Experience app instead of having to visit a Cast Member at the attraction you want to ride.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Navigate to the last tab on the right-hand side of the app’s navigation menu. Scroll down until you see the DAS option.
Step 2: Select the attraction you wish to ride from the list of available attractions.
Step 3: Tap the DAS button on the attraction page.
Step 4: Select all members of your party from the list provided.
Step 5: Accept the prompt, your reservation is confirmed.

As a reminder, for visits beginning November 1st or later, you can enroll in the Disability Access Service online by video chat and then make two advance DAS reservations.

Finally. here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the changes to DAS.

Where do Guests utilizing DAS go to receive return times?
Starting this fall, Guests utilizing DAS and members of their party will be able to obtain return times in 3 different ways: (1) use the My Disney Experience app to select a return time; (2) visit an attraction at Walt Disney World to obtain a return time from a Cast Member; or (3) ask a Cast Member at any Guest Relations location.

Can Guests now book DAS return times in the app? How does it work?
As technology has evolved, we are excited to announce that there will be new enhancements coming to the DAS program this fall. These enhancements will be available to registered Guests using DAS and members of their party, and will include a new feature in the My Disney Experience app. This feature will allow Guests utilizing DAS to book, redeem, change or cancel DAS return times using the My Disney Experience app via a smart phone or other smart device.

What can Guests do during their DAS virtual wait?
Guests utilizing DAS can experience many other attractions throughout Walt Disney World Resort during a DAS virtual wait, such as other rides, shows, concerts, parades and Character Greetings. They can also take a rest, get something to eat or shop.

Do Guests have to obtain a DAS return time for an attraction if the posted wait time is 15 minutes or less?
No. As was done in the past, if the posted wait time for an attraction is 15 minutes or less, the Guest utilizing DAS and their party typically are given access to the attraction right away. The Guest simply needs to inform the Cast Member they are registered for DAS at the entrance to the attraction queue.

Does the Guest utilizing DAS have to be present to obtain a return time at an attraction or Guest Relations location?
No. Another member of the DAS-eligible Guest’s travel party may obtain a return time, but the Guest utilizing DAS must board the attraction with his or her party.

Does a Guest utilizing DAS have to ride the attraction at the exact return time listed?
No. DAS return times are not limited to a specific window and are valid until the park closes.

Can a Guest have more than one active DAS return time at one time?
No. A Guest may only have one DAS return time at a time. As soon as the Guest redeems a return time, they may obtain another return time for the same or different attraction.

Can a Guest with an active DAS return time receive a return time for one of the virtual queue attractions?
Yes. A Guest can hold one active DAS return time and one virtual queue return time at the same time. When a Guest utilizing DAS goes to the attraction with a virtual queue to redeem the return time, they, along with their party, will be able to access that attraction through a shorter line as they did previously with virtual queue attractions such as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

  • We are a family of 16 between grandparents Childress and grandchildren plus one great grandchild , we have one adult who is autistic and 2 children that would need the disabilities pass , are we allowed to use 3 passes

    • Hey Kaiser, I don’t see why that would be problem, although you can only have six guests attached to each pass, which would give you a maximum number of 18 people. You should be good to go!
      If you have any other questions, please reach out using the “Contact Me” page and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

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